Jeannine Carson

Jeannine makes colorful, small batch pottery items that fit easily into modern living spaces. She is fascinated with the evocative nature of color and how the perception of color forms a personal emotional response in the user. She is also interested in texture, particularly those that are composed by the tessellation of a single element repeatedly impressed on the surface of the clay. The methodical repetition induces a sense of peacefulness only to be lost and regained due to the fact that the hand can never attain perfect regularity. In ceramics there it is not just the eye but the hand that perceives the work. 

Her intention is to explore how the color, form and texture, of each pot work to create a pleasurable experience for the user. The challenge of Jeannine's art lies in the ongoing decisions as to whether to let the “mistakes” be the idiosyncrasies in the work, making it an expression of the pots’ individuality, or to address and correct them. The striving towards mastery is constantly tempered by the learned wisdom that perfect order can never be attained. Through the wrestling of that tension and ultimately through surrender and acceptance she find the process of making pottery cathartic.