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  • Three Weeks To Christmas!

    With three weeks to Christmas Day there is still plenty of time to go online to www.thehandcraftedshop.com and shop for all your Christmas needs and gifts . Continue reading

  • Fathers Day!!

    Fathers Day is the one day of the year that we acknowledge all the amazing things that fathers do for their family everyday with out even giving it a second thought! That’s what we love them for, as they are … Continue reading

  • Handcrafted Winter Warmers

    Winter is here…..our little ones still need to, and want to be outside having fun, so it is necessary to have warm, fun clothes for them to wear. This can be an expensive exercise , but if you look around … Continue reading

  • Greeting Cards !!

    Who has gone looking for greeting cards for all Occassion but have been disappointed with the lack of choice? Continue reading

  • Explore Handmade Delights for Children at The Handcrafted Shop

    For most of us, the best part of selecting a gift for a child is witnessing their joyful reaction to it. But how do you go about selecting the right gift for the special child in your life? Continue reading

  • Handmade Toys and Games

    Handmade toys and games have the timeless ability to engage and delight children of all ages and interests. Prior to the twentieth century children had few toys, and those they had were precious. Many were handcrafted – wooden engines; porcelain, cloth and rag dolls; spinning tops; handmade teddy bears; dolls houses; hand cut puzzles; balls and games – all engineered with quality craftsmanship. Continue reading

  • Handmade Soft Toys – The Timeless Gift for Every Age and Occasion

    Founding partner of The Handcrafted Shop, Carlene Hunt, is unsurprised that handmade soft toys, teddies and dolls are still much loved keepsakes, even in today's disposable world. "Collectors and connoisseurs of soft toys appreciate the quality workmanship and detail that goes into each and every one of our artisan's creations. Continue reading

  • Easter 2016!

    Easter this year falls at the end of March! Continue reading

Handmade gifts For All Your Needs

The Hand Crafted shop is a unique and innovative online market giving artisans an opportunity to showcase and sell their individually handcrafted gifts and handmade goods. We are Australia’s number 1 choice for one-of-a-kind handmade gifts, clothing, accessories, keepsakes, art, baby and children’s toys, quilts and so much more.

Something For Everyone

When it comes to choice, The Hand Crafted Shop offers the greatest range of individually crafted products in Australia, all of which you simply won’t find anywhere on the high street. We offer a great variety of men and women’s clothing, handmade fashion accessories, knitwear, handmade jewellery and watches, edibles, home & living items and also a multitude of baby items – many of which can be personalised.

Teachers will delight in our assortment of school supply items, while men, women and children of all ages will surely find that perfect something for any upcoming occasion, whether it’s for a Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day or Halloween.

Hand Crafted With Love

There’s no better way to show somebody how you feel than to give them a bespoke handmade gift individually designed just for them. All of our unique men’s, women’s and children’s items are made with love by hand giving them that special human touch that you just won’t find in your local stores.

Giving someone one of The Hand Crafted Shop’s intricate and distinctive gifts is the perfect way to let them know just how special they are.

Unrivalled Product Choice and Customer Service

Whether you’re a teacher looking for essential school supplies or craft supplies, a parent in search of the perfect handmade gift, an enthusiast looking for unique handmade craft supplies or are just in hope of finding that extra special item for your home, The Hand Crafted Shop is the leading virtual handcraft market in Australia with the best range of handmade products and unbeatable customer service.