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Handmade toys and games have the timeless ability to engage and delight children of all ages and interests. Prior to the twentieth century children had few toys, and those they had were precious. Many were handcrafted – wooden engines; porcelain, cloth and rag dolls; spinning tops; handmade teddy bears; dolls houses; hand cut puzzles; balls and games – all engineered with quality craftsmanship.

Today's modern, mass produced toys have become part of our 'throwaway society,' and the off-shore manufactured ranges made from synthetic products lack not only the quality and whimsy of yesterday's treasured toys; they are cheaply made, disposable and lacking in originality.

The Handcrafted Shop was inspired by the important role handcrafts had played in the lives of Founders, Carlene Hunt and Robin Smith, and to celebrate skills passed down through generations. This ideal is reflected in our handmade toys and games category, where you'll find one-of-a-kind products designed with love from quality materials; and the durability to sustain countless play sessions.

The Gift of Play 

It's long been understood that children learn about themselves and the world around them through play, with child development specialists endorsing toys, games and unstructured play for cultivating creativity and imagination, while expanding intellectual, emotional and social skills.

What better gift for a child then a unique handmade toy or game that fuels their imagination and development? A browse through the category will find something for boys and girls of every age or developmental stage:

Games: From role playing toys to creative takes on traditional favourites like noughts and crosses, and portable blackboards to inspire budding artists, our games are made from natural products including felt, cotton and denim.

Books: Beautiful fabric books featuring timeless tales and nursery rhymes will serve as treasured keepsakes long after your child has outgrown them. Gorgeous handcrafted leather-bound notebooks make ideal gifts for young and old, incorporating a journal, diary and colouring book in one.

Balls: Crafted from 100% cotton with a soft fibre filling for easy washing, infant grip balls are the perfect size for little hands; or turn a basic balloon into a safe, lightweight bouncy ball with the innovative balloon ball cover – the perfect travel toy!

Teddy Bears: Handmade teddies are perennially popular as cherished gifts. A bear is the ideal comfort toy or companion for children of all ages. Our designers can tailor teddies to your specifications, making your bear a highly personalised keepsake.

Dolls: Infused with character and personality, you'll find a great range of handmade cuddle, character and rag dolls, hand-stitched with love and originality. A wide range of outfits and accessories are also available to fit dolls of varying size. Can't find the look you want? You can ask your favourite designer to create a unique look just for you.

Wooden Toys and Games: Quality and craftsmanship combine to deliver a range of wooden toys from early years, through to educational toys and puzzles, and classic favourites such as wheeled toys, traditional games and puzzles, and blocks sets.

If you're in search of the ideal gift for a little person with a big imagination, you can’t go past a handmade toy or game.