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Scarves/ Cowls/ Shawls

Handmade Scarves, Cowls and Shawls

You’ll find winter warmers to lift both your outfits and mood in the colder months, along with lighter garments to drape and billow in spring and summertime in this category, featuring:

  • Handmade Cowls
  • Handmade Scarves
  • Handmade Shawls

Knitted Scarves

During winter scarves take a more prominent role in our wardrobe, but with the cycles of fashion – especially with the rise of the Hipster - scarves have become less of an accessory than a necessity, and are an appropriate addition to any outfit regardless of season.

At The Handcrafted Shop we salute the humble scarf and love the diversity and originality that has gone into the handmade scarves on offer in store. They make the ideal gift for anyone of any age, or spoil yourself with a new look.

While many different materials are used, knitted scarves remain our best seller. You’ll find a variety of styles and colours to suit any palette, hand knitted with pure new wools, including mohair, alpaca and Merino fleece.

Look out for twin sets with matching hats, funky scarves fashioned with multi-yarns and exotic ribbons, and stylish sash-style scarves for a classic, vintage look. There really is something for everyone!

Handmade Cowls and Collars

Stylish alternatives to scarves, knitted cowls and handmade collars are popular statement accessories that can be worn inside or out.

Our designers have upped the style factor, using seasonal tones, blended spectrums and bold single colours. Many have been crocheted or knitted using 100% Australian Pure New wool, or mixed with bamboo - ideal for those who find wool irritating. Some cowls have been finished with detachable brooches for a unique, signature look.

Handmade collars are a hit with those who love to stand out in the crowd. Upstyle any outfit by adding a cozy collar. You’ll find a wide range of fun styles and colours using faux fur, corduroy, leopard print, polka dots, zippers and more.

Knitted Shawls, Crochet Wraps and Shrugs

There are some truly exquisite pieces here that really showcase the skill and craftsmanship of our designers.

Take your pick from a warming winter throw to drape across your shoulders, or a floaty, lightweight shawl to add class and colour to any outfit.

Stylish and practical, shawls make the ultimate gift. You’ll be spoiled for choice with garments crafted from pure silk, chiffon and other luxury textiles, or hand knitted using high quality wools and cottons.

While many of the handmade scarves, shawls and cowls are ‘one size fits all’, our designers encourage your questions and made-to-measure orders.