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Poet's Corner Quilts

Poet's Corner Quilts - One of a kind beautiful handmade quilts, original designs, quilt patterns, table linens and cushions, and hand knits.

Beautiful handmade useful quilts, table linens and cushions, plus some delicious hand knitted baby shawls, and there are patterns!

Welcome to Poet's Corner Quilts where you will find  beautiful hand made quilts suitable for babies and older children. Browse through a variety of appliqued, pieced and hand painted quilts. All are made from natural cotton fabric and sandwiched with cotton or cotton blend wadding. 

Quilts should be used! All my quilts are washable and able to handle a gentle snuggle with a good story or be thrown on the floor and tumbled on. They also make good forts draped over furniture. Wash them in the machine on a cold, gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Line dry or use the dryer. The dryer will give them an aged antique look. Ironing is optional if you don't like the rumpled look.

You'll also find appliqued and bright cushions and table linen, some funky tablet covers and e-reader covers,  all hand made using natural fabrics and interesting trims. If you see something you like but want another colour just contact me and I will make you something fabulous! Need a project? Look through the patterns on offer and get out the machine! All my patterns come with detailed instructions and are perfect for the beginner or the more accomplished.

I've added some delicious, soft. large. hand knitted baby shawls. Ideal for the new mum to wrap her precious in. 

West Australian Quilters' Association

Meet the store owner

Megan Byrne

I love to make quilts, especially appliqued quilts. I enjoy choosing the fabrics, creating a design and quilting them all together. I love the way you can take  beautiful fabric and turn it into a practical work of art that is every bit at home on the floor as the bed as the couch as the beach. I design my own patterns and am inspired by others and often I will make a quilt for the beauty of the pattern or to showcase a fabric. Did I mention I love fabric? Quilts can tell stories. It's not just the picture on the quilt but the chosen fabrics. Over time fabric lines are discontinued or become unavailable and then your quilt is a repository, if you like,  of fabric history and techniques at the time of buying.In the future my quilts will tell the story of fabric available over the years in Australia.

I am proud to say that my quilts have won awards at quilt shows in Perth and Hobart here in Australia and have toured America on exhibition shows, finishing up in Houston. I also contribute quilt patterns and projects to the Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine. I am actively involved in the Western Australian Quilt Association  as the newsletter editor and help with Community Quilts.

I recently needed the zen of knitting to soothe a sore heart after a run of tragedies in the family. I have added these hand knitted baby shawls to the shop.

I really believe in using your quilts. Don't fold them up and put them away. Use them to snuggle on the couch to watch 'Teletubbies' or grab a quilt and a good book and sit on the veranda and watch the rain or fold one up, take it to the park and sit on it watching the kids play. They develop character and history when used and loved. All my quilts are machine washable on a gentle cycle with gentle soap powder and line or dryer dried. They will shrink a little in the dryer but that's what gives it an antique look so popular today. You can iron your quilts if you want, but above all else USE THEM.