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Electronic Accessories

Handmade Electronic Accessories

Our consumption of technology increases day by day. From recreational use through to communication, business, education, and retail, you'll find an electronic gadget that has been created to make every aspect of our lives simpler, smarter, faster and cheaper.

However while we may all love our various technologies, not all of us are captivated by the uniformity of its packaging. To inject some personality, many consumers are adding individuality and style to their smart phones, laptops, eReaders, and tablets by way of one-of-a-kind accessories in a variety of designs and colours.

Always at the forefront of current and emerging trends, The Handcrafted Shop – the unique virtual market place specialising in handcrafted gifts and products – has recently updated their Handmade Electronic Accessories category to reflect the growing demand for bespoke accessories to make popular items such as kindle covers, phone covers and tablet covers really stand out from the crowd.

However, it's not just aesthetic appeal that makes The Handcrafted Shop the ultimate online store for tech lovers everywhere. Importantly, every electronic accessory has also been designed with durability and functionality in mind to offer superior protection and longevity.

Kindle Covers

Available in a range of fresh prints or contemporary patterns to fit eReaders of every size and model. Machine washable fabric and wadding with Velcro fastenings and decorative elements. Perfect for work, school or play.

Mobile Phone Covers & Charms

Give your phone a makeover to reflect your personality and style with a handcrafted charm or quilted phone holder. Choose your favourite colour or theme, or alternate designs to suit your mood.

Tablet Covers

No matter the size or style of your iPad or tablet, the perfect storage solution awaits. Choose from specially designed sacks, wraps, cosies, or cases. There's a wide variety of prints to suit every taste – classic, contemporary, pop culture, florals, sporting teams, and more.