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Dolls & Teddies

Handcrafted Dolls & Teddy Bears

Handcrafted dolls and teddy bears have stood the test of time as gifts of personality and appeal. Their timeless ability to delight the young and the young at heart secures their position as one of the most sought after gift ideas in our marketplace.

The Handcrafted Shop is delighted to stock a great a range of handmade dolls, teddies and accessories from designers and handcrafters skilled in the art of infusing character into each of their creations.

Handmade Dolls – Unique and Collectable

From traditional to iconic styles and quirky contemporary designs that delightfully subvert the classic image of the doll, a browse through our category will charm and surprise. Perhaps you’re seeking a handmade doll as a gift to commemorate a significant event such as a new arrival, anniversary or birthday. Maybe you wish to add a new doll to your collection. Perhaps you’re looking to make a visual statement using a striking doll as a decorative feature. Or maybe one of our designs will simply inspire childhood nostalgia. Made with quality materials and finished with love, there’s a doll to suit everyone’s taste … from the traditional to the zombie lovers!

Teddy Bears – Handmade Cuddly Friends

Many people will admit their love affair with teddy bears didn’t stop when they left childhood behind. Today, teddies of all shapes and sizes continue to find their way into hearts and homes, with handmade teddies, especially, proving to be cherished gifts. At The Handcrafted Shop we agree that one of the nicest gifts to give or receive is a handcrafted teddy bear, especially if it’s been customised just for you. Our designers can tailor teddies to your specifications, making your bear a highly personalised keepsake. If you’re looking for a great gift, a handmade teddy will cover most bases from newborn to retirement, bridal showers to baby showers or the ultimate “get well soon” gift.

Handmade Dolls Clothes – And a Wardrobe for Teddy

Noone knows better than us that it’s not just about the doll; it’s the fashion and costumes that go with it that’s all part of the appeal! To this end, you’ll find our ‘Dolls and Teddy’ category filled with outfits and accessories to fit dolls of all sizes. Seeking a new ball gown for your Barbie? A dress for your Cabbage Patch Kid or Baby Born? In the market for some adorable knitted pieces for baby dolls? Whether you are seeking fashions and outfits from a specific era, or ‘on trend’ apparel, our handmade doll clothes are creatively styled and sewn with superior craftsmanship.

And it’s not just the dolls that get to choose their look; you’ll also find a wide range of handmade teddy bear clothing to fit teddies of varying sizes. Dungarees, dresses and waistcoats share wardrobe space with pants, pullovers, scarves and accessories. Teddy clothes make a great gift for any bear enthusiast. Simply select the style and size, or ask your favourite designer to create a unique look just for you.