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Unique Craft Supplies  

One of the biggest challenges that handcrafters face is being able to source and easily access unique craft supplies to assist in bringing their craft to life. Often this is due to location where the shopping choice may be limited in the local area, sometimes it is because the availability of quality products and choice is limited, it may be that some find it difficult to travel to specialty stores, often it is because handcrafters are wanting specialised or difficult to find craft supplies. 

The Handcrafted Shop knows the challenges involved in finding and ordering craft supplies, this is why we have allocated a category of stores within our marketplace which is specifically dedicated to online craft supplies. 

Wide Selection

Our range of Craft Supplies includes charms, beads, buttons, paper craft, wool,  fleece, washi tape, haberdahery and many more selections. The Handcrafted Shop provides an easy and convenient way to source and order your craft supplies online. 

As our online community grows suppliers of crafting material are taking advantage of the opportunity to profile their products to our network of crafting professionals and hobbyists providing a growing selection of of craft supplies available for enthusiasts.