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Handmade Craft

When The Handcrafted Shop was in its formative stages, one of the driving themes was the important role that handcraft had played in the lives of founders, Carlene Hunt and Robin Smith.

Passionate handcrafters from an early age, they reflected on the significance of skills passed down through generations, and traditions that had been upheld through the sharing of technique and knowledge.

In this category, we celebrate the art of craft in all its forms. Whether practiced for centuries, or a modern take on popular handcrafts, you’ll be amazed at the creativity and workmanship on display.

Handcrafts - Traditional, Original and Endearing

Our handcrafters have perfected their skills across generations ensuring every item is of superior workmanship. You can’t help but admire the skill of our handcrafters and commitment to their craft.

Click on any of the pictorial listings above for an enlarged view of the attention to detail, fine stitching and finishes:

  • Appliqué: Clever creations and collections. Templates, do-it-yourself quilting kits or ready-made handcrafts – wall hangings, fabric postcards and much more.
  • Beading: Handmade masterpieces using various techniques and beads. Bracelets, rings, glasses holders, even coat hangers have been bedazzled!
  • Crocheting: Dating back to the 17th century, crochet remains as popular as ever. Beautiful designs: throws, baby blankets, jewellery, clothing and décor items.
  • Cross Stitch: Hoop mounted or framed. Quality needlework and attention to detail are the foundations of these decorative crafts, using century-old skills.
  • Embroidery: Lovingly stitched towels, face washers, gift cards, library bags, needle books and travel kits. Loads of designs, or request your own.
  • Felting: Handmade hats and headbands, or choose from a wide range of craft supplies to felt your own rugs, cushions, clothing and accessories.
  • Knitting: Everything hand knitted under one roof: cardigans, throws, jumpers, beanies, scarves, socks and gloves, plus supplies for your own knitting toolkit.
  • Papercraft: Beautiful gift cards, handmade with love for every occasion.
  • Quilting / Patchwork: Exquisite samplers, quilts and individual patches in a variety of themes. Use as stunning bed throws, or hang for interesting wall art.
  • Sewing: A great cross-range of hand sewn items from clothing to lace edging, and tablecloths to toweling. Includes a selection of buttons and accessories.
  • Spinning: Beautiful blends ready for spinning –Persian lambswool, mohair, alpaca, silk, merino and many more. Hand-dyed in a variety of colours.
  • Weaving: A range of suppliers for the hand weaver or loomer. Can’t find what you need? Why not email your request to our store holders?
  • Woodwork: Quality workmanship and finishes abound in this delightful range of décor items, boxware, plaques and frames.

One-of-a-Kind Gifts Made With Quality and Love

The Handcrafted Shop’s extensive range of handcrafts ensures you’ll find something to please even the hardest to buy for person. All items have been made with love and care, and can be passed on with love as a cherished gift.