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Artist Teddy Bears

Handmade Artist Teddy Bears

There are many reasons we love teddy bears. Not only are they reminders of the innocence of youth and reminiscent of a more carefree time, they are mementos from the loved ones that purchased them for us, and the occasion that they marked.

The handmade artist teddy bears featured in The Handcrafted Shop are testimony to the designer’s creativity, love and commitment to upholding the nostalgia that teddies evoke in us all. You’ll find no mass production here; only character, quality and craftsmanship.

Teddy Bears – History Meets Creativity

Any teddy bear aficionado will be able to tell you their delightful history, commencing with the story of former United States President Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt who refused to shoot a bear on a hunting trip. This compassionate act triggered the Washington Post to publish a series of satirical cartoons in 1902, inspiring creator Morris Michtom to produce the very first cuddly bear, aptly named ‘Teddy’s Bear.”

Ever since artisans and handcrafters have been designing, creating and shaping teddy bears of all shapes, sizes and descriptions. The artist teddy bears in this category have been perfected across generations or crafted using skills honed from experience, ensuring the teddy you purchase is of superior workmanship.

Handcrafted with Quality

We’re so proud of the high standards our store holders bring to their creations. Every stitch on each teddy bear is testimony to the skill of our handcrafters and commitment to their craft.

Using the highest quality materials and textiles, each one has been lovingly crafted to ensure unique character and individual features shine through in every bear. German mohair, English glass, organza, quality calico, chenille, lace and suede are just some of the materials used to craft bodies, faces and outfits.

A handmade artist teddy bear is a gift that will appeal to any collector, connoisseur or lover of fine teddies (or pandas, rabbits and other plush animals). Click on a listing for an enlarged view of their attention to detail, fine stitching and finishes.