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Special Handmade Gift Ideas for Babies, Toddlers & Children !

product-2499-2There are so many options for gifts and toys for children of all ages available in the stores today, but there are also many interesting toys and handmade gift ideas available which have been handcrafted with much love and care. It is these toys, in particular soft toys, that we need to create an awareness of for the young mothers, relatives and friends who are looking for a  unique interesting alternative to the mass produced products available in the main stream stores.

A baby’s first toy is just as important as an educational toy for an older child, as a baby learns so much in the first 18months, that has an influence on its development both mental and physical for the rest of its life. The toy needs to stimulate the baby to want to reach out and touch, watch so that eye contact is encouraged, to be able to squeeze, move and simply cuddle. Mobiles , banners, grip balls, cuddle blankets, and soft toys all are excellent first toys and gifts for the new member of the family.

product-5657-150427-092403As the toddler emerges they still need the same stimulus but it can come from so many more parts of the environment, however every child has favourite bear or cuddly soft toy. The soft toys come into there own when the toddler is on the move and tends to fall, bump into things and climb as when they land it is good for them to not fall onto a sharp hard toy but their favourite soft toy who they can cuddle and feel safe with.

When older the children often to like to dress up their teddy bear or dolls to go out with them on all their adventures. For this reason never forget about clothes made especially for their special friend, when looking for a gift for our special family members.

product-2610-140625-055626If to is an ‘Heirloom’  gift that you are looking forward then consider an ‘Artiste Bear’, these come in all shapes and sizes and are made by hand with so much love and attention to detail. they are a work of art and would be something that can be kept for a life time and then passed on to the next generation to love and care for.

All of these products and more are available on our online marketplace.

Discover a world of unique one-of-a-kind toys and gifts for babies, toddlers and children, crafted with passion and love at www.thehandcraftedshop.com