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Handmade Wedding Ideas!

It seems that everyone has an opinion when it comes to planning a wedding…..make them small……make it a big splash……do it on a tight budget……spend up big & invite everyone that you know…..! The one thing that is important is it is a special day for the couple, and as such their wishes should be the only ones that are considered when organising this special day.

There are so many different venues available that cater for all budgets and requests. These range from the formal to a simple relaxed gathering of only a few people. The main thing to remember is that it is a day to share with special people who the couple  have or have had  in their lives. The number of people who are invited generally depends on the budget and this needs to be adhered to to save a budget blow out, as the couple do not want the day to become an anchor of debt that has to be paid off for years to come.

There are many wproduct-2420ays of saving on the cost of the decorations, wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, flowers, invitations and the list goes on! Sometimes less is more and the things that are handmade by people with love and care can make the day even more special and individual. Handmade wedding ideas such as table decorations and runners can make a simple table setting very personal and individual, and they are not necessarily expensive. Invitations  are also able to be done without excessive expense, these can even be done online by ordering the graphics package from a designer then sending them out online, but if you want to post invitations out there are unlimited designs to choose from to suit your style.


The wedding dress is an important consideration for the brides, however again the most amazing dress can be achieved without breaking the budget. The dress can be hired or second hand [as it is only worn once & can often be changed at very little expense], or have a dress designed and made to individual requirements. The possibilities are endless! What about a unique piece of jewellery just for the day or an unique wedding accessory as a special momento? The bridesmaids can wear dresses off the rack or have them individually designed, but remember they are there to compliment the bride not out shine her.


The Handcrafted Shop online website can assist with most of these area of planning a wedding and we have some wonderful handmade wedding ideas that are full of individuality and personality. If a store doesn’t have exactly what you want, they are more than happy to do customised orders to assist in making the wedding a unique day for the couple.




Start browsing our extensive range of handmade wedding ideas to find some unique ideas and inspiration.