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Explore Handmade Delights for Children at The Handcrafted Shop

For most of us, the best part of selecting a gift for a child is witnessing their joyful reaction to it.  But how do you go about selecting the right gift for the special child in your life? While a good starting point is to go with something that matches their age, size, abilities and interests, it’s difficult to find a gift as unique as their personality among the mass produced lines of many retail outlets. That’s why The Handcrafted Shop has quickly gained recognition as the one-stop virtual marketplace for one-of-a-kind clothing, accessories and giftware.

Quality Handmade Originals for Children

With well over two hundred stores to browse, you’ll find handmade delights to please children at every stage of their lives. Carlene Hunt, co-founder of The Handcrafted Shop has seen a real upsurge in both supply and demand for handmade items for children saying, “We’ve had lots of new store holders registering with a real child-centred focus. There have been new stores specialising in handmade soft toys and babies first toys, as well as an increase in those making children’s and toddler’s clothes.”

Handmade cot blankets, quilts, and padded floor playmats are perennially popular gifts for babies, and Carlene has been impressed by the innovative designs handcrafters are putting forward. “Pilanky, for example, is a store that only has two products. One is a nappy bag/change mat with everything you could possibly need; the other is a bed for kindy, preschool or travelling that folds into a carry bag. Both are amazing products.”

Dressmaking skills reach new heights with lines of bespoke handmade boys clothing and girls clothing and accessories. Tailored from the finest quality fabrics and materials and finished with high attention to detail, a range of bespoke garments are available to uplift any wardrobe.  Fashion makes the perfect gift and every taste has been catered for from hand knitted originals, to party frocks, summer dresses, pyjamas, formal attire, and costume wear to get the party started.

Carlene attributes the popularity of handmade gifts for children not only to the workmanship and creativity every artisan brings to their designs, but to their practical execution, “Handmade products are unique, not mass produced, and aren’t items that can be found in an ordinary marketplace. They’re not only better quality; they’re designed with safety in mind, and made with the durability to withstand multiple plays and washes. The same philosophy applies to the handmade toys and games, with many crafted for longevity as well as their educational and developmental benefits.”

Customise Your Order

Many artisans will happily tailor their products to meet a buyer’s specific requirements. By personalising items with a child’s name, preferred colour or design, your gift will become a treasured signature keepsake. Says Carlene, “Our store holders will welcome your enquiry, simply contact them direct and they’ll discuss your unique requirements.”

Convenient and Secure

The Handcrafted Shop offers a secure online marketplace, where sellers trade around the clock and buyers can browse from the comfort of their home or office any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world.  Says Carlene, “While scanning the website you often come across products you weren’t aware existed. It’s also time saving and easier to shop online when you have young ones to care for.”

At The Handcrafted Shop you can avoid the crowded stores and busy car parks, secure in the knowledge the handmade delights on offer are all one-of-a-kind, top quality products made with love to be given with love to the special children in your life.

If you’re a buyer or seller of  unique handmade gifts for children, The Handcrafted Shop offers a vibrant online marketplace with fabulous products and gainful opportunity. www.thehandcraftedshop.com